Saturday November 9

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At 7111 Line 86 Elmira (approx 2kms west of Elmira) for Martin Woodturnings Inc. on:

Saturday November 9 at 9:30 AM

Highlights include: BT battery powered narrow isle fork lift; General 1hp dust collector; Calpe hydcopy lathe MH 1000; Calpe Hydcopy lathe MH 1300; 2 Nash sanders 150; gun drill; 3 Nash 50 sanders; Mattison manual rotary cutter lathe with extension bed and hollow chuck; Mattison 30” manual rotary cutter lathe with extension; Leadermac 623 6 head moulder complete with heads and various profile cutters; 100hp dust collector c/w abort gate and spark detector complete with water pump and pressure tanks also complete with large quantity of piping and extra bags; Goodspeed 49” auto back knife with tooling; 18” Fell sander; 29” auto Seavey backknife lathe with tooling; 3 trim saws; 2 Diehl 48” auto rotary cutter lathes; Centauro T5E 1600 hyd copy lathe; Silver 44” planer/sander with belts; Taylor 6 manual pneumatic glue clamp; Taylor 14” glue spreader; partial barrel of glue; partial barrel of glue release; Cantek up cut saw; King 20” planer with spiral head; Boss straight line ripsaw; Condair humidifier; 15-20 hp dust collector with air lock at bottom; bottom silo unloader; sawdust elevator; one stick welder; Leadermac Compact 623 moulder with tooling; King shaper; Craftex edge belt sander; 12” Sagar jointer; ABS 3 condar mister complete with R.O; Busy Bee 19” band saw; King 8” jointer with spiral head; Kreg jig machine; King hollow chisel mortise; rotary cutter grinder; nylon banding cart with clips; Trademaster bench drill press; shop carts; King dust collector 12 amp; small air compressor; various oils and lubricants for the machines; various shaper tooling; large quantity of turned spindles and posts; large quantity of turn patterns; large quantity of lumber lifts common species; quantity of lumber drop offs; quantity of various trim; quantity of various wood panels for hobbyists; pipe and bar clamps; roller tables; variety of metal and wood shelving; woodworking tables; office supplies; file cabinets; PPE ear protectors, safety glasses, helmets etc; fire proof safe; large quantity of various tools; wrenches; sockets; hammers; power tools; large quantity of lumber and other items found in a well eqiupt woodworking shop.  


Note: Sam has been in business for 35 years and well known for his workmanship and products, this is a true liquidation of a complete wood turning business. Machines will be disconnected, forklift will be available for most machines excluding planer/sander and moulding machine where a licensed rigger is required. Machines and items must be cleared by Nov 16 during business hours excluding Sunday.

Viewing: Friday Nov. 8 from 8am to 4pm


Approx 25 machines will be available for internet bidding at approx 11:30. to register for online portion. (link coming soon)


Note: 10% buyers premium, cash, cheque or debit. Lunch booth.


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